MOONSHINE: by Prohibition
MOONSHINE: by Prohibition

MOONSHINE: by Prohibition

Introducing MOONSHINE, a community points program designed to support artists, engage collectors, and pioneer innovative monetization strategies.

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Prohibition heads to Base, expands beyond gen art, and launches MOONSHINE Read the blog post

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🌘 Overview

MOONSHINE is Prohibition’s new points program, designed to enhance your experience and reward your participation in the growing community. As we build out the next version of the Prohibition platform, we want to build in collaboration with our community, reward our strongest supporters, and have fun along the way.

Our vision is bold: we’re crafting an immersive, ongoing interaction that transcends traditional NFT experiences!

📖 The Story So Far

Welcome to The Moonshine Syndicate, a covert network birthed in the shadows where not only spirits but also creativity is outlawed. Join our cause to defy the ban, circulate the MOONSHINE, and celebrate the unbridled creativity that the regulators dread. Your mission starts in the speakeasies of Prohibition—will you rise to become a mogul in this underground movement?

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Farcaster is the gathering point for the new wave of web3 engagement, marking the frontier of onchain innovation. This is why we are planting our flag there.

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Points unlock rewards, exclusive benefits, and unique experiences. Collectors of the existing collections will receive special bonuses.

  • Get Started: Connect your wallet, claim your role, and start earning points.
  • Explore Rewards: Check out our special weekly challenges and community milestones.
  • Stay Engaged: New roles and rewards are introduced regularly.

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